Bio: Mosaic and Random are two words that fit in describing me. At age 46+ I learned that one of the reasons I do not get a lot done is that I have no filter to keep priorities in line! ADD was the diagnosis, both maddening and a relief. I still call it ADD, not ADHD since there is not much hyperactivity within me, probably none. I'm a healthcare chaplain, and before that a nurse (BSN) and now in search of meaningful and fulfilling work. People my age are retiring, but I'm not done yet! My chaplaincy loves are gerontology, palliative care, bioethics and mental health. I don't know if I love Advance Care Planning (as in what do you want for healthcare if you are on your deathbed) but I've been involved with it for quite a while. I'm passionate about getting it right, and reminding people that the document isn't the most important thing but the conversation is the key! When I'm not talking about death and dying, I am playing with buttons, sewing dog and cat beds for rescue critters, and having fun with various crafty things, anything that involves color. Politically, I'm a Progressive, believing in justice for ALL, especially at this point in time Black and Brown and Tan lives. Until my friend's child can walk into a store with the same carefree attitude my grandson has, well, there's more to be done. Much more. I am also the dear friend of a woman who lost her son to gunfire. He was a police officer. I see both sides. I am slowly learning that I need to play in order to survive. I hope to write some playful pieces every now and then. Peace to all sentient beings! Lynn

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