Instead of Facebook… this.

Seeing and sharing posts about the end of healthcare for mental illness, the end of healthcare for many (try 24 million) and of course the demolishing of the EPA… Water, air, parks, and health. What do we need any of them for? It is obvious to me that removing regulations only hurts the little people, and MOST of us are the little people! You might think that Democrats are all about free handouts and taking your money away, that’s your right. But when your asthmatic daughter cannot afford an inhaler since you cannot afford insurance, and her school does not have a nurse (too much to pay) it will be a different story. When children and adults breathe in polluted air, and new cleaning products do not have to be tested, the only people getting richer will be the funeral home proprietors. When your child begins to show signs of fatigue, anger, depression and more, there will be no help.
PEOPLE!! We must RESIST! We must do something! All I know is that I cannot take this. I keep seeing more about what Paul Ryan and 45 are doing. They are gleefully removing individual rights. Corporations and the 1% will be the only ones who have any say, or at least can afford whatever they need. I am at a loss. Phone calls, town meetings (where senators and representatives do not show up)…. what else can we do? Tracy Knauss, help!!! I need encouragement and there seems to be none.
The current government’s agenda seems to be:
increase pollution
make money
destroy nature
rape and pillage our country and its native people
kill any who cannot afford healthcare
dismiss the idea of mental illness while removing what little safety net is underneath those who suffer
diminish and harm our veterans
Destroy… destroy…
ignore history and herstory
LGBTQAI, POC, women and more… are not equal, are not the same (as what? I don’t even know)
Women’s bodies……. oh that’s ok to control.
I am in serious spiritual distress over our country’s situation, our definite lack of health of any kind. If anyone calls me a snowflake or similar term… we will be friends no longer.

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