It’s been a while…

Writing is healing… if I can let myself simply write.  Lately I’m caught between avoiding the news for my own mental health and then returning so I may be a responsible citizen. It’s painful.

This is not to say that I am without hope.  We will prevail and we sure are resisting and persisting!  My words sound lame to me.  There is only so much TV news I can take and yet I am renewed by the writings and words of others, especially those who delineate ways to resist while taking care of myself.

One way I take care of myself is by crocheting and knitting. Yes, that’s one way, just two different stitch methods.  I am able to make something, whether it is a pussy hat for a friend in Madison, Wisconsin, or hats for my grandkids.  Leta is 2 1/2 months old and growing so fast!  For Sam, a crocheted stocking cap with one for his best friend as well.  That way he might actually wear it!

I am covered though with a pervasive sadness.  Sad for the world, sad for refugees and plenty angry at the man who isn’t my president.  I do wonder though, if this is what had to happen before things will get better.  I get some comfort thinking that this may be where we have to be, as in hit rock bottom before we can get whole again? That said,  I also get very confused!

Bear with me as I write.  I hope to make more sense soon.

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