I pinked myself today.  Something I’ve wanted to do, but was too chicken. Then a reason came up.  An excuse? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

You see, I have quite strong feelings about the abundance of pink at football games in October, in merchandising (where little if any money goes to cancer research) and simply the preponderance of PINK over the other colors of cancer.  We don’t see any other cancer populating male dominated sports the way we do the glaring Pepto Bismol shade of breast cancer awareness.

Why not purple for prostate and pancreas cancers?  Blue for colon cancer, and why not spread the love and go red for heart disease?  A little of those colors may be seen here and there, but never with the bold and brazen save the “ta ta”s pink.

Why am I so snarky about this?  I guess because I’ve always been a person who believes in fairness.  Breast cancer is getting all the attention and it simply isn’t right.   Prostate cancer is something football players should be concerned about.  But of course that wouldn’t be attractive.  Big guys wearing purple to educate other guys about the dangers of this disease?  Prostate cancer is a cancer most men will have before they die if they live long enough.

Men don’t like to think about prostate cancer because of its one major side effect, that while varying from man to man, is a true downer.  Literally.  The to have an erection is very likely to decrease (sorry, I can’t think of better words), and while there are medications, and other treatments, I don’t know a man alive who wants to think about it. Understandably so.

I have dear friends who have had breast cancer.  I support them and the fight against breast cancer.  I would do anything for them, probably even wear pink.  A dear friend of my daughter has breast cancer, and recently underwent surgery.  Their group of friends got together before the surgery and all dyed a part of their hair pink.  I was touched by this and said “I will too!” and then said nothing until now.  Today a thatch of my hair was dyed pink, and while I think it looks pretty cool, I didn’t do it for me (ok, I really did want to give it a try), but mostly for Kat, offering support across the miles.


I’m not wearing pink ribbons, but I am supporting my friends. I look for the day when professional sports players wear a color that takes more courage than pink.

Next time purple?  We’ll see. Today it’s Pink… for Kat.





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