Political Pieces of Life

I am very new to this blogging thing, better at responding than initiating I think, but I do have lots of thoughts swirling around.  Many write about facts and having the facts as well as get your facts straight.  Well… I’m terrible with details and am one who knows things by intuiting and feeling, something many “thinker” friends do not quite understand!

For starters, I am an INFP on the Myers Briggs’ Personality Inventory.  Many people have taken a form of this inventory or something similar.  People like me tend to love it, while “T” folks aren’t always so sure. Ts are thinkers and Fs are feelers.  Anyone who knows me is not surprised to find that I’m an Introverted INtuitive Feeling Perceptive type.  People like me often know things because we just KNOW them.  In political discussions this doesn’t often go too well.

This is a reason I’m doing my best to learn more through other bloggers, reading as much as I can and yet I know I’ll never be like Dr. Rex or Michael H-S and be able to list fact after fact.  I’m finding my place in political discussions, learning what I can add from an intuitive feeler’s perspective.

One thing that comes to mind is the latest “concern” about Hillary Clinton’s health. I have long wondered how candidates can possibly endure the rigors of being on the road, speaking almost constantly, flying here and there and back again and then on the Sunday morning news shows!  And usually most look rested and ready to go.  A lot of adrenaline pumping through veins, I’m sure, but still… how do they do it?  It’s easier for me to identify with Hillary because she is a woman with many of the same concerns I have.  She has much better control of her emotions than I do, and while being a mother, grandmother and a professional, that’s about where our similarities end.  She is the ultimate combination of a Queen Bee and a Worker Bee,  going and going, but not in circles. She gets things done.

I had a hard time with her connection to big banks, the vote for the war in Iraq, and the fact that she and Bill are now extremely wealthy, with speaking engagements that pay way more than I can imagine ever making.  Chelsea was paid $60,000 (supposedly) to speak in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this year.   I would be thrilled with that amount for a yearly salary at this point in my life!  Money does divide us from one another.

But… I had to admit that when I listened to Hillary’s speeches and debates that I was drawn in by her words, her intent and meaning.  I still don’t agree with everything she says, and yet her words were more practical than my beloved Bernie Sanders.  I could see that she would be able to deal with all the challenges to face the next president, i.e. for starters the legislature!

Still, I wasn’t sure.  She’s one tough lady.  She wasn’t always likable or approachable in my view.  It wasn’t until her husband spoke at the Democratic National Convention that I began to really get it.  Before you say anything about Bill, let me say this, I know he is a charmer and more.  He could sell winter coats to Floridians!  And yet, there is something humble and real about him.  He IS the charmer, he knows how to reach out to people, all warm and inviting.  That’s not Hillary’s style.  I will guess that she is definitely an introvert on the Myers Briggs’ scale, as well as most likely iNtuitive and a Thinker as well as a J which means she gets things done, finishes them up and doesn’t leave a project to be finished “later” as mine often are.  J stands for Judgment, which is misleading in that it means needing closure, not leaving things “blowing in the wind.” It does not mean judgmental!  Anyone can be judgmental.

You will notice in my writing that I may tend to get off track. I’ll try to pull myself in. The reason for the MBTI(tm) description is that from what I have seen and intuited, and others have noted as well,  Hillary is a behind the scenes workhorse, not one to charm and chit chat, although she can be very warm and welcoming.  Still it is not her comfort zone to come into a group and ooze charisma.  She is better out in the field getting the work done! Bill’s description of her law school years, her work in Alabama and other places, how she was a change agent even before she graduated!

As I heard our former  president speak about his wife, that “girl”, I suddenly realized what she has been through.  For years, as long as she has worked for the good of people in need, there have been naysayers saying, “WHAT did she say?  She won’t bake cookies?  She’s a b__ch!” and more.  We have criticized her as a woman for the clothes she wears, her expensive hair care, and more.  We all know that male candidates and politicians (for the most part) are not criticized for the cut of their suits, or their hairstyles.  Well… some are made fun of, that’s for sure.

I imagine that her whole career has been tinged with whispers in the wings, criticism from men (and women) afraid of her power.  I am nowhere near Hillary in energy, drive and success, and yet I relate to the fear and whispers of others in a work situation.  I’ve been there and it is not pretty.  While Hillary may be seen as the Queen Bee, she has suffered from other bees working against her.  In the classic Queen Bee Syndrome, the Queen does not support her subordinates, teasing and baiting them, ultimately destroying them.  Hillary has fought off the bees that would have her gone, and she is still here, fighting and fighting for us.

Is she perfect? No, of course not.  Is she human? Yes. It saddens me to think that a successful woman has to be a bitch to succeed, thereby alienating many who would otherwise look up to her.  Her recent illness shows that she is very human, and my hope is that news media and others will give her a break.  No human is safe from illness.  It is relevant to know her general health, however as many have mentioned, what about FDR, JFK and others?   Her opponent is certainly not a picture of health in any form or fashion.

I hope Hillary will take a few days to rest, recover, let her lungs heal.  If I followed her schedule, I’d be dead.  There is no way I could keep up.

I am not a political wonk.  I am a daughter, wife, mom, grandmom, aunt, friend and bits of this and bits of that.  If you can put up with my random jumps from here to there and back again, there might be something in my writing you will resonate.  I’m always open to suggestions… kind suggestions.. ;~)

In gratitude, with wishes of Peace,



6 thoughts on “Political Pieces of Life

  1. I like this, Lynn. It is very thoughtful and I share many of the same misgivings about Hillary, but, like you, I am ultimately a supporter. Her lack of transparency is probably my biggest obstacle but she has been dragged through the wringer so many times that it is almost understandable. Keep this up. I see you working through the issues in what you write, so much more so than some of your more provocative posts on FB! I am looking forward to reading more!

  2. Great blog Lynn! I too wish the naysayers would back off of Hillary about her health. So many are quick to criticise and jump to conclusions. Yet we have another candidate who has only produced an extremely suspicious note from a doctor about his health, and there is nowhere near the concern as there is about her and I believe a lot of it is exactly as you said, she is a woman and therefore being held to a different standard. I pray she wins the election and perhaps by her strength in office maybe some of those double standards for women can be chipped away just as the glass ceiling was. Keep up the great work Lynn! I will be following you!

  3. I really like this …. I’m learning about Hillary now. I know she’s been around for a while but I never really looked at her. This election has really brought out this need in me to know what is going on. I can’t bear the thought of a Trump prez!! … I started following you. Will be keeping an eye out for more postings. Hugs, new friend …. 🙂

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